Encouraging senior citizens to e-file – Collaboration is key

Tax matters can be complicated, and many of us are afraid to make mistakes while making decisions about our taxation. In Finland we aim at getting all of the incoming tax information electronically. In order to achieve this, it is important to our customers to file online.

Both taxation in itself and e-services are challenging for many. Combined, the two make up a hard concept to promote and market.

According to our research, especially older people prefer paper to an e-service. Therefore, senior citizens are one of our main target groups when it comes to marketing and communication.

Co-operation with the Marthas

The best way to get guidance and support for e-filing is to let a friend show you how to do it. This is why we contacted an organization called The Marthas.

The Martha Organization is a Finnish home economics organization, which was founded in 1899 to promote well-being and quality of life in the home. It carries out cultural and civic education and does advocacy work.

Tips about cooking and cleaning is the Martha tradition

The Marthas furthermore take part in a variety of campaigns together with other organizations and authorities. Adult education is an important activity, and is carried out in study groups. The themes of the groups are various everything from human relations, women and development, gardening and environment to cooking and healthy eating.

How we do it

The Campaign called For You, Senior Citizen has been running since 2012. The idea behind the campaign is that the Tax Administration organizes training for the Marthas on how to e-file an income tax return, and after the short training the Marthas can pass on their new knowledge to others.

Every spring the Martha Organization gives lectures about taxation and e-filing at the local Martha clubs all over Finland. The lectures consist of demonstration on how to use the Tax Return Online service. Videos and small quizzes are used as support for the teaching.    

The older generation can be hesitant to use modern technology, but with a little bit of encouragement and guidance, jumping into the unknown doesn’t feel so scary anymore. In Finland we have seen that the co-operation has truly paid off. We have got many new eager senior citizens who are no longer afraid to e-file. Even better they are all telling their friends to do it as well. 

Watch a video of the collaboration of Marthas and The Finnish Tax Administration

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